Dale Perry, Jarrod Saltalamachia, and Carter Askew are the proprietors of Florida Green Organics, LLC.  Dale has spent over forty years in the agriculture business dealing with the different insect and disease problems that the growers of fruit/vegetables and livestock owners have on their property.

Jarrod is a professional baseball player for the Miami Marlins and Carter is a successful business man from Louisiana. The three family members teamed up to help bring their clients the safest environment for their families and pets.

Florida Green Organics, LLC offers safe, organic products to protect our customers’ property from the toxic materials that are being used in today’s society.

Please take a moment to visit our website at www.floridagreenorganics.com or call (561) 790-3939 and join our team in helping us help you eliminate insect problems with the help of our products.

To see our organic products display, please feel free to visit our office at 3031 Fortune Way, Suite A-11, Wellington, FL 33414.

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